Welcome to The Regulatory Strategy Group, L.L.C.
The Regulatory Strategy Group, L.L.C., is a multi-discipline consulting
organization of senior executives who combine their private and public
sector experiences with and in regulated environments to support clients’
development and implementation of cost-effective regulatory strategies.  The
Group specializes in but is not limited to regulations affecting scientific
research, energy, and the environment.  One member even advised on a hotly
contested horse racing license issued by a state racing regulatory agency.
Members are experts in all stages of the regulatory process, from influencing
the development of proposed regulatory requirements, through the cost-
effective implementation of compliance strategies by the regulated
communities, to the mitigation or avoidance of non-compliance penalties.  
As a last resort, we also supply support for judicial review of an agency's
regulatory action.
The Regulatory Strategy Group, L.L.C.
Experts in all steps of the regulatory process